The Water Works, Inc. Well Drilling Process

Wondering how it all works? Here's what you can expect from start to finish!
  • After determining your needs, Water Works, Inc. provides you with a clear, easy to understand written proposal. No deposit is required!
  • A well driller will meet you on-site (if needed) to help you choose a well location.
  • Once a location is determined, our administrative staff obtains the proper permits, orders the underground utility locate, and schedules the job to begin - at your convenience.
  • On the day work is to begin, our driller meets you on-site to finalize the well location. You will not need to be present the entire day, however you should be available by phone.
  • Next, the well driller carefully sets up the equipment necessary to begin work.
  • When drilling is complete, the well driller ensures the area is cleaned up and removes all equipment from the site.
  • You will receive an invoice upon completion of the well drilling.
  • Finally, our administrative staff will prepare and submit a Well Completion Report to the issuing agency and the St. Johns River Water Management District. If required, they will request an inspection and/or water test. WaterWorks, Inc. will submit all requirements to finalize the well permit.

If you have additional questions or concerns,
please contact us or call (407) 321-0458.